Tim Young (TheYOUNG) sitzt auf einer Trittleiter. Er trägt eine Atemschutzmaske und Arbeitet an einer Wandgrafik

Tim Young (*1972) grew up in Minden,
where he made his first experiences with hand-cut stencils and spray paint in the late 1980s.

In 2002 he rediscovered these tools for himself and has been working under the artist name theYOUNG in Bielefeld ever since.

Initially the self-taught artist created his work based on photos/photomontages using intricate multi-layer stencils and ultimately only shades of gray spray paint.
The main feature of his work from 2007 to 2015 is the abandonment of colors.

Since deciding to reinvent himself in 2016, theYOUNG has been developing and working with techniques, which on the one hand are no longer photo-based, on the other hand, especially in combination with neon colors, create unique transparency effects.

The result is a mix of geometric play of colors and hologram-like representations of the respective subjects.


  1. 2023

    • Kulturraum Synagoge Lippstadt, D

    • Nonna's Italian Soulfood Bielefeld, D

  2. 2021

    • WEAR & TEARGalerie GUM Bielefeld, D

    • PUBLIC PROVOCATIONSColab Gallery Weil am Rhein, D

  3. 2019

    • URBAN CONTEMPORARYKunstverein Schwäbisch Hall Schwäbisch Hall,D

    • KUNST & KULTUR IM KARREETragbar Bielefeld, D

  4. 2018

    • ENTSÄTTIGT, GESÄTTIGT, ÜBERSÄTTIGTBunker Ulmenwall Bielefeld, D

  5. 2015


  6. 2014

    • AUFLAGE #1Galerie GUM Bielefeld, D

    • GREY WORLDStadtteilzentrum Nordstadt Hannover, D

  7. 2012

    • STENCILS PEACEFUL WORLDGalerie Cut It Up Rastede/Loy, D

    • STENCILS ONLYPretty Portal Düsseldorf, D

  8. 2011

    • ...Specops Münster, D

    • UP DOWN ‘N AROUND 5Verve Bielefeld, D

    • SKATE LIKE CANVASEx Roma Club Monti Rom, IT

  9. 2010

    • UP DOWN ‚N AROUND 4Verve Bielefeld, D

    • GRAPHIC WARFAREBase Station Museum Folkwang Essen, D

    • BIOHAZARDBanditen Wie Wir Essen, D


    • RARE YOU COMING TOO?Galerie September Berlin, D

  10. 2009

    • GREY IS THE FUTUREGalerie Knoth & Krüger Berlin, D

    • SLAM! ARTE URBANA IN LABORATORIOLaboratorio 21 Viareggio, IT

    • UP DOWN ,N AROUND 3Artists Unlimited Bielefeld, D

  11. 2008

    • OH HAPPY GREYGalerie GUM Bielefeld, D

    • INTERNATIONAL POSTER ART 3ESC Atelier Occupato Rom , IT

  12. 2007

    • WHITE GALLERY SESSIONKesselhaus Hamburg, D

    • UP DOWN ‚N AROUND 2Artists Unlimited Bielefeld, D

  13. 2006

    • DON’T STOP ME TRYING NOWLand in Sicht Bielefeld, D

  14. 2005

    • CAN BUY ME LOVEGalerie Hunger Essen, D

  15. 2004

    • VINYL KILLERS 2Zeitgeist Gallery Portland, US

  16. 2003

    • ...Friendly Products Bochum, D

    • ...Galerie Knoth & Krüger Berlin, D